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High Calcium Intake Linked to Increased CV and Mortality Risks in Women - Physician's First Watch February 14 2013
Calcium intake above 1400 mg a day was associated with increased risks for cardiovascular disease and mortality among women in a prospective Swedish study in BMJ.
More than 60,000 women aged 39 to 73 at baseline completed a diet questionnaire starting in 1987. Over a median follow-up of 19 years, women who consumed 1400 mg or more of calcium daily (through diet or supplements) had 40% higher mortality, 51% higher cardiovascular mortality, and nearly double the ischemic heart disease mortality, compared with those who consumed 600 to 999 mg. Among women with 1400 mg daily intake, those who took calcium supplements had even higher all-cause mortality (adjusted hazard ratio, 2.57).
The authors conclude that efforts to prevent bone fractures in elders should focus "on people with a low intake of calcium rather than increasing the intake of those already consuming satisfactory amounts."


BMJ article (Free)
Published in Physician's First Watch February 13, 2013

Comentario:  La autora señala que los esfuerzos para prevenir fracturas oseas en adultos mayores deberìa enfocarse "en aquellas personas con baja ingesta de calcio, mas que incrementar la cantidad para aquellos que ya consumen una cantidad satisfactoria"


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